Thursday, February 2, 2012

The populationis unable to admit they were bamboozled by Al Gore and wound up being "Useful Idiots"

American Scofflaw


There is still a segment of the population that confuse being told what to think with actual thinking and that beliefs imposed from above are just as good as knowing the real facts. Such fools are the fodder for every con-artist, scammer, hoaxer, fraud, and tyrant in history, and the fact that there are so many such fools is why such swindlers prosper.

And if there is one factor common to all fools it is the inability to admit they were fooled and a preference for fanatical hysteria when confronted with proof of their foolishness, and so as the last of the fakery about human-caused global warming crumbles away, I expect the hysteria to reach warp-drive in the coming months.

Certainly those governments already growing richer off of carbon taxes will never admit error and offer a refund, nor will those who accepted the assurances of Al Gore waver in their faith for to doubt Al Gore is to doubt all politicians, and that would mean ... that would mean ... that would mean that Iraq really didn't have nuclear weapons after all, and was bombed into rubble for no real reason at all! And that might mean that Iran is innocent as well ... and we can't ever allow any doubts about that now, can we?

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