Thursday, February 2, 2012

The understory of the Iranian oil embargo remains unreported throughout the US

The Gay Secretary

1. The embargo will hurt the EU badly -
Greece in the midst of a terrible debt crisis. They import 25% of it's oil from Iran.
Now that they are led by a Goldman Sachs/European technocrat they will
further sacrifice the country's needs for the sake of Washington's wishes.
Italy and Spain import over 10% of their oil from Iran.
2. India, China, and Russia are large importers of Iranian oil who have no intention of
doing Washington's bidding. India and China have indicated that they will buy the oil
with gold and Russia with Rubles.
3. The US is doing this because they want regime change. As the world super power,
they want and increasingly demand at the point of a gun, that their wishes be followed.
Democracy is always a lesser value than aceding to Washington's agenda.
4. As with most wrong headed policies this will have harmful unintended consequences
and will quicken the fall of the US empire. As all can see, it will cause
the Dollar to fall and gold to rise. It will also quicken the end of the Dollar's
reign as the reserve currency of the world.

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