Saturday, March 5, 2011

A cure would bankrupt the entire oncology system

The Gay Secretary

Cancer (like AIDS) is a huge business. While everyone has a treatment, nobody (despite the propaganda) is actually looking for a cure because a cure would bankrupt the entire oncology system by freeing patients from a lifetime of treatment.

This is why nobody has ever cured the common cold. A cure gets sold and used once, the person goes back to work, end of story. But in our society, a person buys a treatment for the entire course of the virus, feels better and goes to work, infecting his or her co-workers, who then buy their own course of treatment to feel better, then infect all their friends, etc. The difference between selling a cure and selling treatments is 1 cure versus millions of treatments.

As a result, the cancer industry vilifies and attacks anyone suggesting low cost alternatives, or even (horrors) a real cure. There have been documented cases of the National Cancer Institute intentionally rigging tests of low-cost alternative treatments to fail in order to protect the more profitable orthodoxy.

I empathize with Suzanne. I watched my mother go through both chemotherapy and radiation to deal with her cigarette-induced cancer and to this day I am still unsure whether she died of the cancer or of the cancer treatment. If the latter, it was a most expensive execution.

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