Saturday, March 5, 2011

Of Course They Will (Fire On US Citizens)

The Gay Secretary

the possibility that the US Government will shoot Americans is a reality that must be faced. To pretend otherwise is to risk total panic and collapse when the shooting does start.

However this piece seems to be written more to preemptively scare the American people into accepting fascist dictatorship by scaring them away from protests than offering any concrete solutions on how to reclaim the Republic.

The facts is, as we saw in Egypt, the majority of the military sided with the people, and were it not for the thousands of mercenaries hired by Israel (with US taxpayer oney) to crush the Libyan freedom movement, Qaddafi would already be gone.

Plus, this writer has left out one important fact why the US Government shooting their own people might not be such a smart idea.

The American people, unlike their Egyptian/Iceland.Greece/Libya/etc. counterparts, are already prepared to shoot back!

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