Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Didn't think I could work that in there, did you, Schwartza? or the Bibi Q&A Seminar

Live from Tel Aviv..... The Ben ( Netanyahu ) and Mo ( Ahmadinejad ) Show:

Netanyahu: We demand you cease building nuclear weapons!

Iran: No problem; we aren't building any. We are building a power station because we know the Americans are coming to steal our oil. Look. Switch goes up, light goes on. Switch goes down, light goes off. Power station, eee-lect-tricity. The NNPT says we are allowed to have that.

Netanyahu: I repeat, you MUST stop building nuclear weapons!

Iran: What part of 'We don't have any nuclear weapons' are you not getting?

Netanyahu: If you do not stop building nuclear weapons we will attack!

Iran: Show us these weapons you think are here. Point them out.

Netanyahu: You must PROVE you don't have nuclear weapons!

Iran: That's the same dumb logic you used to swindle the Americans into the attack on Iraq, and look how that ended. No nuclear weapons were ever found!

Netanyahu: That is because YOU stole them!

Iran: What?!?

Netanyahu: ... and now you must give them up.

Iran: Look, the IAEA came in here several times and they found that we are in perfect compliance with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Which I might add Israel has never signed despite having hundreds of nuclear weapons!

Netanyahu: Liar! We have no such weapons!

Iran: South Africa tried to buy one from you!

Netanyahu: Liar! Anti-Semite! Jew Hater! Israel is weak and helpless in the face of the Iranian nuclear holocaust (didn't think I could work that in there, did you, Schwartza?) That is why we must wipe you from the face of ... the desert.

Iran: Hoo boy.

Netanyahu: The war is on, as soon as we get that pussy American President to understand he will NOT get a second term in office without a lot of Iranian blood on his hands.

Iran: Operator, would you connect me with Putin in Moscow? We're ready to discount our oil to him. Same notation with China.

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