Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My bet is that Obama will cynically time the start of this war when he feels it will most benefit his re-election campaign

The Gay Secretary

Of course, reason and logic have absolutely nothing to do with such an endeavor. The reality that the most recent IAEA reports on Iran's nuclear energy program have documented that there is no nuclear material unaccounted for has no bearing here whatsoever.

Israel has declared Iran its existential threat in the region, just as it did before with Iraq, and had demanded that the US government neutralize it, with American blood and American money.

However, there are some very dark clouds surrounding this potential military catastrophe, which I will outline.

1. China's officialdom has said that it will be willing to start World War III to defend Iran.

The aggression of the West has been met with strong words from both Russia and China, who have been warning of any attacks on Iran. A Chinese television reported China’s Major General Zhang Zhaozhong as saying that China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a Third World War in order to safeguard its domestic political needs.

2. Russia's Sergei Lavroff has warned both the US and Israel that such an attack would be a grave mistake with unintended consequences.

3. Because the US has managed to offshore most of its manufacturing (much of it, in fact, to China), critical parts may well not make it into the military supply chain in time for them to be replaced.

4. This means that unless the US and Israel are planning (and can execute) a blitzkrieg attack, a prolonged military commitment will be unsustainable.

4. Our troop strength is stretched to the limit, and even with the re-institution of a draft, there will not be enough military personnel available quickly enough to create a victory for US and Israeli forces, if the conflict lingers.

5. With a 15 trillion dollar (and counting) debtload, the US government will be hard-pressed to find a lender to lend it the money necessary for such an undertaking, even if the interest is usurious in the extreme.

6. If in fact China and Russia decide to defend Iran against an attack by the US and/or Israel, such a war would go nuclear in a heartbeat.

So, just to wrap this up, there is a war coming, which we may well not win; which has absolutely no justification in fact, and is being demanded by Israel, in which your kids will die and be maimed for life, and paid for by your taxpayer dollars.

Any questions?!?

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