Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Collective punishment is recognized as a war crime and illegal under international law.

I can see why pro-Israel factions are desperate to get this show off of the air. Claire and I watched it last night and the overall impression is that, religious trappings aside, these are just ordinary Americans worried about family, marriage, and earning a living in these hard times.

Israel cannot sell us a war with Iran if we see Muslims as people just like ourselves, which explains the unmitigated fury being directed at the show by the media minions of Israel. Muslimsmust be seen as Untermenschen in order to make it more palatable to murder them.

With regard to 9-11, the message was a simple one; even if you believe the official story of 9-11 (I do not, obviously) all Muslims do not share the guilt for the crimes of the view. Of course, Israel loves the concept of collective guilt in which an entire population is expected to atone for (with money) the crimes of a few individuals long dead, a principle which is the3 foundation for Israel's continued use of the Holocaust legend to extract money and favors from nations around the world.

Of course, whatever the reality of the Holocaust, I am not responsible for it and not obligated to pay for it, nor am I obligated to turn a blind eye to Israel's own crimes of apartheid and genocide against her neighbors.

Likewise, whatever the reality of 9-11 turns out to be, vast segments of a population are not to beheld responsible for and punished for the crimes of a very few.
This is a good show and worth watching, recording, and sharing.

If you like the show, please let the network know.

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