Friday, January 6, 2012

If Ron Paul makes it to Tampa, the damage will have been done by then even if he loses there.

The Gay Secretary

Ron Paul's presence in the top-tier means that he can steer the discussion. The longer Ron Paul stays in the race, the more Americans hear his message on the wars and the economy; two topics the rest of the candidates in their obeisance to the status quo are desperate to avoid. The more Ron Paul speaks against war, the more Americans will realize that this is the major issue of the election,l not gay marriage, not abortion, not school prayer, not illegal immigration, nor any of the other distractions the rest of the candidates are using to distract from the problems that affect us all together as a nation.

Ron Paul could actually bring about the end of the wars without having to win the nomination or the White House, simply by refocusing the voters' attentions on them. That is why the corporate media, Israel, Wall Street, indeed all of our society's oligarchs are desperate to get rid of Ron Paul right now, before he wrecks that giant grinding machine that turns your babies into gold bricks for the bankers.

John McCain's comment about simply accepting Romney as the GOP candidate based in Iowa reveals their fear. Paul must go NOW!

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