Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcome to Ameristan, the banana republic dictatorship

Where people are deliberately thrown into poverty courtesy of offshoring (for which US companies are given tax advantages), and now the Federal Government has the power to detain you indefinitely without charges and due process if you gripe about it.

This is a definite and deliberate attempt to destroy the middle class in this country, because protest against oppressive government generally begins in the middle class.

The Bush administration landed a sucker punch to the guts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act; however, when Obama signs the current Defense Authorization, including language enabling any President to have any citizen detained indefinitely without due process and charges being filed, he will be the man who will have absolutely destroyed every protection they used to afford ordinary citizens against a rapacious, out of control Federal Government.

This provision completely negates the Constitution and Bill of Rights in ways which would have astounded, terrified, and disgusted the founding Fathers of this Republic.

The United States of America is dead. The alleged US Federal government now stands before its citizens, and the world, as a rogue, immoral, and non-representational entity, caring for only a few if its elites, and throwing the rest of its citizens under the proverbial bus.

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