Monday, December 12, 2011

It appears to be not a question of IF the Euro is going to be discarded, but WHEN

The Gay Secretary

I frankly would have substituted the word "furious" for "stung" in that last paragraph.

And by the way, with a 15 trillion dollar indebtedness; its infrastructure in ruins; it homeless Veterans sleeping in its streets, and a general population careening into poverty (especially among its children) what the sam hill is the US government doing loaning money to the IMF?!?

The answer is very simple; because if the European banks go down, that will drag the US "too big to fail" banks right along with them, absolutely collapsing the US economy

And we all remember what happened in the 20s, right?

A great depression, followed by a world war.

Sound familiar, in terms of the trajectory of current events?

Thought so.

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