Monday, December 12, 2011

Contrary to Newt Gingrich's deranged view of history, Palestine was already in existence

The Gay Secretary

When the United States supported carving off a chunk of it to create a nation called "Israel" for the descendants of central-Asian Khazars who felt they were in danger from a government that did not exist any longer to occupy, all justified by some ancient writings that says an invisible man in the clouds wants then to have first crack at all of life’s blessings, and by the way the Earth is flat, rests on pillars, and does not move.

Finally, dear Newt, please shut the fuck up, because your total ignorance of history is a major embarrassment to the entire nation. Newt just wants a huge crisis he can stand in the middle of and look good, like a firebug who burns down a building so he can be seen afterwards caring for the wounded!

Fantasizing about disasters that one can appear to be a hero during is usually something people grow out of at age 9 or 10, but Newt seems to live for the day millions are devastated and must look to him for salvation!

Newt is a nut!

Is this the best the GOP can come up with to block Ron Paul from the nomination?

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