Monday, December 5, 2011

Considering all these issues, I must conclude that a war against Pakistan, sure to draw China into the conflict, is really, really bad idea.

The Gay Secretary

Blaming Pakistani intransigence for the US and NATO's decade-long abject failure to bring about a military "win" in Afghanistan is both objectively, and morally, wrong.

And I would like to remind people that any invasion of Pakistan by the US and NATO will bring China into the fray; China declared in May after the alleged Bin Laden "hit", that any attack against the sovereign territory of Pakistan would be considered an attack against China.

According to Pakistani diplomatic sources cited by the Times of India, China has “warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China.” This ultimatum was reportedly delivered at the May 9 China-US strategic dialogue and economic talks in Washington, where the Chinese delegation was led by Vice Prime Minister Wang Qishan and State Councilor Dai Bingguo.

Of course, some in the bowels of power in DC would like to see that consequence happen, because the US Federal Government cannot possibly pay back the money it has borrowed from China, ever.

After all, those people in Washington have their cosy, thoughtfully stocked bunkers, and the people living here in Hawaii would bear the brunt of China's missiles (It's about the closest place to the mainland US China could actually target accurately right now).

But such a US/NATO war with China may not go so tremendously well either for NATO or the US for the following reasons.

1. The US has outsourced most of its manufacturing (much of it actually to China), so critically needed components for the war effort may not get into the military supply chain in order to insure victory.

2. No lending institution in its collective right mind would load a tottering US Federal Government (indebted to the tune of 15 trillion in the hole, with no way out) the money to pursue pursue such a conflict.

3. The American military is already overstretched to its limit, and even with the introduction of a draft, not enough soldiers would not be ready in time to insure a victory.

4. China may well destroy US interests in other countries it can target closer by,leaving the US government in a world of hurt.

The US and Israel don't give a rat's behind about the kind of devastation such action may create; they are simply piling provocation upon provocation, hoping to get Iran to respond in some way which will be the "justification du jour" for military conflict.

We have seen Iranian nuclear facilities exploding, Iranian nuclear scientists assassinated, and a failed US drone overflight, which wound up crashing over Iranian territory.

And if the IAEA really had any concrete evidence of an Iranian weapons program, they would be screaming it from the rooftops; the reality is, they have no evidence whatsoever.

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