Monday, November 21, 2011

Mr. President, I would really rather that the US government not find out the hard way on this issue

The Gay Secretary

Unfortunately, just because a potential military attack against Iran by the US and/or Israel, would be the most catastrophically stupid, ham-fisted, short-sited, and ill-considered action they could take, individually or collectively, is absolutely no guarantee that they won't do it!

Obama knows his numbers are crashing in the polls; the economy is tanking; people are still losing their homes and their jobs in record numbers, with no end in sight. Bottom line: Obama has absolutely NOTHING concrete and positive upon which to run in 2012.

He is desperate to have AIPAC deliver the Jewish vote in the country to the Democrats at every level, so may cynically decide that such an attack would be a "game-changer", going in to the 2012 elections.

But I would caution him that such a military attack may go horrifically wrong, and we could well lose this one, for the following reasons:

1. Our manufacturing infrastructure has been largely offshored. This means that critically needed parts will not get into the supply chain for our military in time to be useful.

2. No lender in their collective right mind, understanding that the US government has a 13 trillion dollar deficit, would ever lend the US government the necessary money to pursue such a war, no matter how much interest they could charge, and you can bet that would be usurious.

3. Our military is already overstretched and stressed, due to current commitments.

4. Russia, which has sent warships off the coast of Syria in order to prevent another NATO-style "intervention" as it did with Libya, may well join the fray on the side of Iran.

Russia and China have really been the adults in the room, geopolitically, for some time now. But there is going to be a point where both countries are going to say "Enough!" to the US's pre-emptive wars without end.

The question is, when such a moment will happen,, and would an attack against Iran be the tipping point in this equation?!?

Mr. President, I would really rather that the US government not find out the hard way on this issue; both Russia and China are nuclear-armed countries, and would suggest to you that war with either - or both - China and Russia is a really, extraordinarily bad idea.

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