Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tax the people into total poverty and then strip mine the hard assets taxpayers paid to build, and sell them off at fire-sale prices to the guys runni

The Gay Secretary

Obama is taking America the same direction as Greece.

We The People must stop this, because Obama's solution is no solution.

Obama's simplistic thinking is to simply take more money from the American people, but we have no money left. Looting the population to keep the Wall Street Mortgage-backed securities fraudsters out of prison has cost the American people an estimated $27 trillion (Dylan Ratigan's figures). There is little out here left to take!

The reality Obama is pretending does not exist is that the Federal Reserve System was and is a debt-trap from which escape is designed to be impossible, so long as the people are brainwashed into unquestioned believing in the rules the bankers created to make themselves rich. The system is PLANNED to keep people slaves to debt. The only way new money comes into being under this private central banking system is through more loans; loans to business start-ups, loans to employers, and loans to consumers, but if that money is grabbed by the government to pay their bills, the total aggregate debt still exceeds the available money supply and the total debt continues to climb.

There is one and only one way to end this debt problem. The private central bank debt-based currency experiment has failed the nation. It is time for the Federal Reserve to go. All the government can do is decide which side of that debate they wish to be on, and to live (or die) with the consequences of that choice. You are either with the bankers, or with the people. There is no middle road, even in an election year.

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