Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The "New American Century" has lasted a mere 11 years. America has given away its productivity in exchange for a drug called "get rich quick on Wall S

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Between unsafe GM crops and toxic flooding of farmlands, America finds it harder to export agricultural goods, indeed has less to export as the population swells from south of the border while high tech farming produces lower yields.

With the potential for an almost certain radiation release in Nebraska and potentially from the fire-threatened radioactive waste storage facility near Los Alamos, an already Fukushima-wary marketplace will not be eager to purchase US farm goods no matter how cheaply they are sold.

That we have gone down a wrong path is obvious.

Our leaders wanted to stand in the marble palaces playing gods with the nations of the world, and could not be bothered to soil their finely manicured hands with things like building roads, repairing flood control, or figure out what to do with all that nuclear waste that was piling up around the nation.

That was the next administration's problem, along with the permanently growing debt to the private central bank.

They are not just evil, they are indeed incompetent!

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