Thursday, May 27, 2010

Public opinion turning against Obama on oil spill

The Gay Secretary

If "TOP KILL" fails to stop the Gulf Oil volcano, I think we can count on attacking, well, anybody next week as a distraction.

And while Obama bears a share of the blame for his handing out of waivers and exemptions to BP, the fact is that the entire government has failed in their role of caring for the national infrastructure, which is what WE THE PEOPLE pay them to do. The Federal Government is so totally subverted by Israeli dual nationals that they spend all their time screaming about who is a better friend to Israel, and shoveling money and weapons to Israel as hard as they ca. Meanwhile, our roads are crumbling our coal mines caving in, our bridges are collapsing, and of course, the Deepwater Horizon wreck is gushing oil onto the Gulf States harder than DC gushes red ink!

So, what do we hear from the White House? That Obama will invite Benjamin Netanyahu to a meeting next week to discuss Israel's security! This hard on the heels of the documentary proof that Israel is in fact a nuclear state and has so many nuclear weapons they have been trying to sell them off to countries like South Africa!

Far from being just Obama's Katrina, the oil disaster is the Federal Government's Chernobyl. We are finding out that the government inspectors in charge of oil drilling safety were spending their taxpayer-funded time watching porn on their taxpayer-funded computers while allowing the oil companies to fill out the inspection and audit reports!

If you are not angry, there is something seriously wrong with you.

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