Thursday, May 27, 2010

$24,000 Rolex passes through security, and when owner went to retrieve it, it had mysteriously vanished

American Scofflaw
A woman is suing the TSA after she says she was forced to take off her $24,000 Rolex to pass through security, and when she went to retrieve it, it had mysteriously vanished.

...[she] said she was preparing to board a return flight to Jacksonville last February when she was ordered by security officers to put her watch in a bin and place it on a conveyor belt. She said she objected several times but was told she had no choice if she wanted to board her flight, so eventually she complied.

...[she] said she became hysterical after realizing the watch was gone. She called Shirk for advice. She asked for police to be called, but security officers told her she was disrupting the area and had to leave.

In denying her claim, the TSA said there were “no legally sustainable grounds” for finding the TSA liable. Security cameras in the airport apparently weren't working at the time.

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