Saturday, December 12, 2009

Employees Working for No Pay

American Scofflaw

Dozens of employees at a local company work without pay for weeks. In May, WJG Enterprises in Charlotte got a four million dollar state grant to expand and add jobs, but that growing company isn't even paying the workers it's got. Several workers at WJG Enterprises they all say they've been getting paid late for weeks. They say, last Friday, they finally got paid for the week of Thanksgiving. They have yet to receive money from the last two pay periods. Some say it's so bad they've had their water and heat turned off because they've been unable to pay the bills.

Owner Bill Grice says all employees will get paid everything by the end of next week. He says his customers have been slow in paying the plastic molding company for their orders. On top of that, banks have been unwilling to give loans, so Grice hasn't had the money to pay his workers on time. Grice says his company is still expanding and adding jobs.

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