Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not Buying It

The Gay Secretary

What threat, Mr. Obama?

Iran has not attacked or invaded another country in 200 years.

The United States can hardly make that same claim. WE are constantly attacking and invading other countries, usually on the basis of lies and fabrications, as we saw in Iraq. and for all the effort to transform Iran's nuclear power station into a cause for alarm, one and only one nation has actually used nuclear weapons of mass destruction against the civilians or another country and that nation is the United States.

Nor can Israel claim to be innocent. Israel has attacked its neighbors repeatedly, most recently on the day you were elected when Israel broke the cease fire with Gaza and initiated operation Cast Lead.

We the people of the world know what you are doing, Mr. Obama. The United States has committed war crimes. It has lied to start wars. You flopped at the G20 and the dollar is in decline. NATO told you to clean up the mess in Afghanistan yourself. The United States is an empire in decline. and you hope (in vain) that if you can maintain the illusion of enemies all around that the American people will continue to support you out of blind fear.

Fat chance.

Our eyes are opened, especially, Mr. President: MINE.

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