Sunday, March 8, 2009

האם אלה אנשים שצריכים להנחות מדיניות החוץ האמריקאית

מזכיר את הומו

Steve Rosen, the former AIPAC operative who is charged with being a spy for Israel, is pressuring the Israel Policy Forum to get rid of its policy analyst MJ Rosenberg because Rosenberg is standing up for a good man, Chas Freeman, Obama's pick as National Intelligence head:

Is IPF so eager to see pressure on Israel that they will throw in their lot with a Chas Freeman and attack anyone who opposes him? Senior officials of IPF reportedly are supporting both the substance and tone of Rosenberg's attacks on Freeman critics...

Isn't this amazing: the federal case against Steve Rosen is stuck in the mud, and meantime Rosen has a platform at the Middle East Forum, a well-financed neocon cave, to push for an investigation of Ambassador Freeman because he has been friendly with the Saudis!
Memo to Americans: the Saudis for nearly 30 years have been for a two-state solution along the '67 lines. There is today world consensus that such a plan is fair, or at least will give Palestinians the right of self-government after 7 decades of being promised same and never getting it. The only way to achieve this goal is for the Obama administration to "see pressure on Israel."
The questions that must be asked of all Freeman's Jewish assailants (for like Rosenberg and myself, they are Jewish; but represent official precincts of Jewish life) are: How do they see the borders of a Palestinian state, if they you see them at all? Will those borders give the Palestinians anything like real sovereignty in their homeland? Will their plan end this festering issue?
And, do not forget, as Steve Walt reminds us re two leaders of the Freeman maumauing: Rosen is under indictment for espionage, sharing government secrets with the Israelis, and Jeffrey Goldberg's idea of service was to cross the ocean and join the Israeli army. Are these people who should guide American foreign policy in that region?

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