Monday, March 9, 2009

Alan Dershowitz Exposed

Did He Kill His Wife?

Dershowitz sure knows how to deal the dirt, but can he take it? Here is some dirt on Dershowitz, that he has thus far been successfully kept out of view from the general public.

But unfortunately, some people still remember. And now there is the internet. Word gets around. When it comes to a wife-beater, plagiarist and defender of killers, I hope it does.

According to Jack Leavitt, Dershowitz’s first wife found out that he was having an affair with another woman. His wife became enraged and brashly took many of Dershowitz¹s important legal papers from cases he was handling and tossed them into the street to be scattered by the winds to and fro.

In response, Alan Dershowitz allegedly pummeled and beat his wife up so badly that she had to be hospitalized. He then took custody of their two young sons, divorced and stripped his wife of financial support except for the bare minimum allowed.

Would his wife take him for every nickel in a divorce case, or would she commit suicide? She killed herself by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. Oddly the fall is 135 feet and it is very rarely fatal. She may have landed on a log, and that might explain the crushed skull.

Now this Is Odd

Alan Dershowitz promptly took a lie detector test to prove his innocence that he did not kill her, but did he? Or, did he have someone else do it? Dershowitz used all of his clout available at his disposal to keep the news out of the newspapers, and to make sure that this sordid episode in his life went down the memory hole.

Was It Suicide, Or Was She Killed?

Here are some results:

Suicide - She knew he would be shattered, and that was her revenge


55 Votes

Murder - A costly divorce or giving one of his criminal defendants $10,000 to do the job


903 Votes

958 votes total

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