Sunday, February 1, 2009

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vrolijke secretaresse

Kaprielian said the new provisions no longer will require applicants to submit medical proof of sex reassignment surgery.

"Under the new policy, the letter said, "an individual who wishes to change the gender marker will submit an updated application together with a Gender Designation Change Form, signed by him or her and a medical provider attesting to the gender that the individual considers himself or herself to be."

The organization that obtained the letter,, said the decision has "huge implications" for society.

"Essentially, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has decided that for legal purposes of identification, a person's actual sex is meaningless. The gender 'you consider yourself to be' is now officially used. This is madness. But it's now the state policy," the organization said.

"A man using a women's restroom or women's locker room would now show police a legal, official Massachusetts identification that he 'is a woman.' He could get this on the basis of 'the gender he considers himself to be' with the agreement of a 'medical provider,'" the organization said on its website.

"A male elementary school teacher can start coming to school wearing women's clothes and using the girls' rest rooms or locker rooms. And this will extend everywhere throughout society, in businesses, public accommodations, schools, and everywhere else," the group warned.

MassResistance said Kaprielian quit her state House seat last year to run the state agency. She had been a "reliable pro-abortion, pro-homosexual vote," the group said, but "no one thought that she would go this far."

Homosexual newspapers documented how Kaprielian worked "behind the scenes with various extremely radical homosexual/transgender activist groups" on the plan, MassResistance said.

The state already had what MassResistance described as a "radical" policy on the issue. It allowed people getting their drivers licenses renewed to use a check-off box for "change of gender." It let people change their gender designation but required medical documentation.

Commenting on the policy, the pro-Catholic blog LesFemmes-TheTruth referred to homosexuals "playing wedding and house."

"It's bad enough when individuals do this, but when the government starts playing the game as well, the people are literally living in the STATE of insanity. Massachusetts is a perfect example," the blogger wrote.

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