Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lamestream Media Scofflaws

In the modern world you cant wage a war just with your tanks and planes.
You have to use media. In Germany during WWII they would say "Truth is not what happened, truth is what we tell people". Reuters agency posts a horrible pictures of Russian bombardments of allegedly civilian residential buildings. But what if you take a closer look?

For instance on this picture you can see one obviously dead body of a person in a checkered shirt. The other body is carried by medics, carried as if it was a dead body, but you can notice that the hand of a person is holding a woman medic's sleeve. Well so far everything looks pretty real, except maybe for one guy in black who doesn't look anyhow concerned.
Now on this picture we see a crying man and a body in his hands. But look closely! This is the same checkered shirt, same trousers and shoes, the same person. So does it mean that the crying man took the body brought it some place else? Hardly so, this is just one of the participants of the show. And again if you look close enough you can notice that the guy crying is the person in black from the previous picture.

Now here he is again, alone still with some clothes on, or may be he got changed.

Generally if you see the pictures you can notice that nothing happens around the scene. No people running, and there are actually not a lot of people for a big residential building area if it was really bombed.

Well, I'm cant be sure that some Russian rockets didn't hit by accident some building adjacent to a military base, but look, they
ruined Tskhinvally.

Now, look at the other side. There's no pictures from the capital of South Ossetia which is totally ruined.

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