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The radar return off the plane at Silver Island in the Malacca Straights was something the plotters did not expect. Absent that datum, everyone would presume the plane continued northeast. The evidence is piling up that the US commandeered the plane for an as-yet unknown purpose, and it was flown to Diego Garcia, the only runway in that part of the Pacific long enough to land the 777 safely and then allow a takeoff. The 777-200ER, fully fueled, can fly 7,700 Nautical Miles which puts all of the Middle East, most of Europe, including the Black Sea, in range of a flight departing Diego Garcia. Hardly surprising that FOX News brought in James Kallstrom, the Assistant Director of the FBI in charge of the cover-up of the US Nay's accidental shoot-down of TWA 800 to reassure us all that Malaysian flight 380 did crash into the ocean and not to pay attention to those kooky conspiracy theorists talking about tracks to Diego Garcia, ringing cell phones, and four hours of flight time after the transponders were switched off.

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