Saturday, April 20, 2013

Watertown aftermath: What happened to the naked guy?

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This story gets weirder and weirder. The arrested suspect, seen in a CNN video, looked like Tamerlan and had a very muscular physique, which looks like Tamerlan with his short off as seen here. However, when I turned on the TV and one suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev is dead and the other, Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev, on the run, I asked, who’s the naked guy? 

Tamerlan Tsarnaev NAKED, Handcuffed,Walking Alive! So How Did His Body End Up Like This?

They are from Kyrgyzstan, a (wait for it...) Muslim country. Obviously, no answers will be possible from Tamerlan, and I rather doubt that Dzhokhar will survive his encounter with the police, which means we will not be able to learn who they worked with, got used by, or were patsies for (although there are reports that two additional people have been arrested but not yet identified to the public). 

But it is interesting that as soon as the Israeli police show up to "help" the investigation, a couple convenient Muslims pop out of the woodwork. As is usual in these cases interviewed relatives are saying they do not believe these boys could have committed the acts attributed to them. These two boys were star students, star athletes, had won scholorships; hardly the type of young men to suddenly engage in acts of violence, and indeed there seems to be no prior record of any such activity by either young man. 

Their social media websites are rather bland, and devoid of the sort of comments usually claimed to precede an act of violence.
So the official story has been crafted, and is likely just as trustworthy as the official story about Osama Bin Laben.

So here are some remaining questions. 

1. These two are not reported to be students at MIT, so why did they go there? To meet someone? Are they patsies who got talked into something, like so many other Muslims suckered into FBI entrapments? 

2. Was the Boston bombing an FBI entrapment that either accidentally or intentionally went "Live" (like the 1993 WTC bombing? Was it yet another in a long line of false-flag attacks by Israel (who were sure in a hurry to get to Boston and "help" the Boston police)? Was the reason these two boys did not bother to conceal their faces in that crowd that they had been hired to "play" terrorists as part of the ongoing drill (a repeat of the London 7/7 bombing in which someone was trying to hire Muslims to play terrorists for that drill)? Was their relaxed attitude seen in the photos and videos at the Marathon because they thought their backpacks were harmless props?
Were they taking prescription anti-depressants?

However, let us say for a moment that these two did act alone. Who helped them and why???
And if they did act alone, it proves that all this surveillance on America does not work. 
The FBI admitted being able to search all social media traffic for two weeks prior to the Boston bombing, so even before CISPA all your communications were being saved and scanned. None of that worked; the FBI still had to ask the public for help to ID the photos.

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