Thursday, October 4, 2012

OHmyGAWD we have to INVADE! China is full of Al Qaeda! China hates us for our freedoms! China has weapons of mass destruction (really)! China wants to kill your babies while they sleep! The Chinese dress funny! The Chinese eat weird food! The Chinese think farting in elevators is funny! The Chinese tear the tags off of seat cushions! We HAVE to invade!!!

American Scofflaw

Economics aside, China understands that the highest agenda behind the US rush into WW3 is to prop up the dollar as the world reserve currency. So if China (and then Russia) drop the dollar and offer a more stable and attractive alternative, the US dollar will collapse, and there really isn't much point for the US Government to continue to try to invade Syria and Iran. Even the US Government isn't stupid enough to go head-to-head with Russia and China!

Gulp! I certainly hope not anyway.

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