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Of course, he didn't. Obama was in Washington DC while Pakistani forces attacked the house. Then a neighbor said they thought it might be Bin Laden living in there and Obama sent in the SEALs to grab "Osama" for the publicity. Except, of course, it wasn't Bin Laden (who actually died in late 2001 of natural causes). 

But by the time the SEALs got the message up the chain of command that they did not have the real Osama, word had leaked out, and rather than admit an embarrassing mistake, the body of the man they captured was dumped into the ocean and a whole flurry of faked photos posted to the net to convince everyone that yes it had been the real Osama Bon Laden.

Now, I would rather have Obama win than Romney this coming November 6th, but this claim to have gotten Bin Laden is total USDA choice bovine excrement and this movie about the raid is no more grounded in reality than the film made to reinforce the official story of flight 93.

I other words, it's all CRAP!! 

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