Monday, June 11, 2012

I have no compunction about blowing them to bits or Confessions of a Drone Hit Man

American Scofflaw

Imagine what the conversation is like when he comes home assuming he has a wife...

"HI honey how was your day?"

--"you know the usual, I watched this guy Muhammad for hours playing with his kids, living his life. All the while oblivious that I had my finger on the button that was going to take his life and destroy his family."

"another one of those Taliban men?"

--"yea I guess so, I don't really have any idea who I'm killing they just hand me a folder with a mans picture in it, a location and normal mission specs. I just follow orders, well ... I guess they're not orders anymore just a task I have to complete so I can get paid. I kinda feel like a hit man for freedom you know."

"no honey you know better than that, you are protecting America. Those evil men on the other side of the planet living in near primitive conditions are savage and given the chance and some means to get hear would kill someone or how ever many people the clip's in their rusty old soviet AK's would allow. It would destroy America if you didn't kill those men! So, please, kill them!!"

 Here are some of the criteria that could get you killed by drone strike right here in the good ole USA:

  • Plot to attack the United States of America
  • Exercise in public
  • Be next to a suspected “militant”
  • Shop at the same bakery visited by a suspected “militant”
  • Attempt to rescue someone who’s been attacked by a drone
  • Attend a funeral for a drone strike victim
  • Load fertilizer onto a truck

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