Thursday, June 21, 2012

Americans still opposed direct involvement in the European conflict. And so, as part of his effort to convince Americans that Germany was a real threat to their security..

By Mark Weber
A "grand swindle" designed to "whip up America public opinion." 

The full story did not emerge until many years later. The map did exist, but it was a forgery produced by the British intelligence service, most probably at its technical laboratory in Canada. William Stephenson (code name: Intrepid), chief of British intelligence operations in North America, passed it on to U.S. intelligence chief William Donovan, who gave it to Roosevelt. In a memoir published in late 1984, wartime British agent Ivar Bryce claimed credit for thinking up the "secret map" scheme. Of course, the other "document" cited by Roosevelt, purporting to outline German plans to abolish the world's religions, was just as fraudulent as the "secret map."
The American public of 1941 were overwhelmingly DUPED!

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