Thursday, May 3, 2012

I disagree. Netanyahu is facing major defections within the Israeli political establishment. Support for a war with Iran is dwindling rapidly.

American Scofflaw

The upcoming P5 talks will be a disaster for Netanyahu if the US goes ahead with their stated intention of allowing Iran to maintain their rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in exchange for random unannounced inspections, something Iran has already indicated they will accept. 

This agreement will mean that the rest of the P5 nations, as war-weary as the people of the United States, will declare the Iranian crisis (as if there ever was one) over, with no more sanctions required and certainly no justification for an attack. 

An Israeli bombing mission after such an agreement clearly shows Israel to be an unjustified aggressor, especially in light of the history of the Israeli attack against the power station at Osirak under the excuse that Israel "knew" it contained a clandestine weapons factory (like the Israelis have at Dimona). 

Post-invasion examination of the ruins at Osirak found no evidence of the weapons factory Israel cited as justification for the bombing. Israel cannot survive a second baseless attack politically once P5 have declared the crisis over. So if Netanyahu is to have his war with Iran, he has to move before the P5 talks get underway May 23rd. Netanyahu may even order the attack on May 14th, coinciding with the anniversary of the founding of Israel, to stifle internal criticism.

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