Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is starting to feel like a deliberate propaganda operation!

The Gay Secretary

The nature of the murders, including 9 children, seems almost designed to provoke the maximum shock and anger among the Afghan people.

There are two possible reasons for doing this.

The first is to provoke violence among the Afghan people as a justification to renege on the promise to get American troops out of Afghanistan by 2014. But to be honest, this seems weak.

So, that leaves "Plan B". The US and Israel want war with Iran but cannot get public support. Clearly a false flag of some kind is needed, but as always, the first question people will ask when something goes "Bang" is why the nation being framed for the false-flag would do something that will bring on the very war they wish to avoid. This massacre in Afghanistan may be a manufactured event so when the false-flag happens, the media can claim it is retaliation for the murder of 9 children, then condemn the "over-reaction" to the death of 9 children (meaning the false-flag will be something really major) and launch a "retaliatory" strike.

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