Saturday, February 11, 2012

OK, one of two things happened with this alleged "poll"; the polling organization; were either poling the criminally insane, or ...

American Scofflaw

were "push-polling" specific target demographics in which a specific outcome could be pre-determined by where the polling was done.

Certain areas of New York and South Florida would give you numbers like that: it's easy enough to do.

But as a kind of test, ask people you know who are thoughtful, analytical, and understand that "Fox News" is really "Faux News", and I bet you will get a completely different perspective.

The main reason why this would be a spectacularly bad idea for US military and civilian leadership to pursue this is as follows: the US doesn't have the military manpower, money, or manufacturing, to be successful in such a military misadventure.

Add to that the very real possibility that Russia and China will make good on their word to assist Iran militarily if it is attacked by either the US and Israel, and you have the very real possibility of a world thermonuclear war, with catastrophically horrific unintended consequences.

This article is just another attempt to "groom" their UK/US readership for the inevitability of a Western war against Iran, when that possibility is simply one of a number of outcomes, including a negotiated settlement with Iran on their nuclear energy program.

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