Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Because grenades do not go off by themselves, do they?

And how do we know the man was Iranian? The legs were tattooed "I am an Iranian. In case of suicide bombing please mail pieces back to Tehran. Thank you, schmuck!"

My theory: "Hey you, Iranian guy. I'll pay you 5000 Baht to deliver this box ... of cookies. Yeah, that's it, these are cookies, chocolate cookies. Anyway, I need these delivered to my, ummmm, grandmother. And I'll pay you after you get back!"

Google "Lavon affair." Google "USS Liberty." Google "9-11 Dancing Israelis." Then ask yourself why Iran, which is the only nation trying to AVOID a war, would carry out the very kind of attacks Israel and the US would need to justify an attack.

Fool me once!

Meanwhile the "Megaphonies" are all over the corporate media discussion boards making fun of the guy who lost his legs and calling him an idiot for blowing himself up. Yet to me, the most obvious explanation is that he did not know he was carrying a bomb. The official story is that he was carrying grenades, but grenades are a very old and stable munition and like bullets, they do not detonate all by themselves just by being carried around.

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