Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yeah, sure. Actually, a previous US Navy program training dolphins near San Diego was shut down a few years ago when it became obvious that Dolphins a

The Gay Secretary

The US military has a long history of attempting to weaponize animals, with often comical failures.

Most people are already aware that B.F. Skinner trained pigeons to guide bombs onto targets, a project that failed when the real bombs tumbled so badly the pigeons in the nosecones were knocked unconscious. Lesser known is Russia's failed attempt to train dogs to drop a bomb underneath a tank, with the dog often returning to the operator with the bomb still attacked to the animal, with inevitably gruesome consequences for both. But the all time goofball animal weapon was the "Bat bomb", a device that dropped a canister filled with bats over a target. The bats, fitted with incendiary bombs on timers, would naturally roost in the attics and eaves of building in the target area, starting multiple massive fires at once. That project ended soon after the bats burned down their own training facility in Carlsbad, New Mexico!

So, good luck with the Dolphins. Time and again science learns the hard ware that under the tightest controlled conditions of food, training, light, heat, and sound, the test organism is still going to do what it damn well wants to do.

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