Saturday, January 21, 2012

The trouble with labeling thinking people as "conspiracy theorists", is that there are true, solid conspiracies out there:borne out in facts

The Gay Secretary

The facts here are very simple: Israel is pushing the US to start a war against Iran, to "neutralize" one of Israel's alleged "existential threats" in the region, as happened in Iraq.(Of course, as terribly as Israel has treated most of its neighbors in the region, that will soon be the way they describe ALL of their neighbors, meaning a state of perpetual war for the US).

Israel does not care what happens to the US as a consequence of such a war ensuing, no matter if China and Russia come in on the side of Iran, both countries being nuclear-armed.

The Israeli government believes that such a war, and the cost to this country in blood and money, is simply a necessary "sacrifice" on the altar of ultimate Israeli hegemony in the region, and the real needs and concerns of the American people be damned.

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