Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let's walk a mile in Iran's moccasins, er, sandals

The Gay Secretary

Let us imagine we live in a United States that hasn't invaded anybody in 200 years (yes, this is just a fantasy, but bear with me for a moment.)

Both Iran and the United States have signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (This part is true).

Then one day, Iran, goaded by a foreign power, declares that the nuclear power stations operated by the United States are a threat to the safety of the world, even though the United States hasn't actually invaded anyone in recent memory (stay with me on this), and demands they be shut down.

The United States refuses. These are just power stations and are legal under the terms of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty which Iran signed alongside the United States.

So Iran, seeking to use economic pressures to force the United States to surrender its rights under the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and shut down their power stations, sanctions the US and bans all exports of oil to the US. This does in fact cause great economic harm.

Then Iran starts deploying their navy into the Gulf of Mexico, technically international waters.

So, looking out from Galveston at the warships while the life you labored to build is being crushed before your eyes by foreign sanctions, how does it look?

Not quite the clear picture of right versus wrong the media is trying to sell you, is it?

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