Tuesday, January 17, 2012

War between the US and Iran, and sadly, all of America's politicians (with one notable exception) are behind it!

The Gay Secretary

So even as Leon Panetta admits that Iran does not possess nor is making nuclear weapons, even as the IAEA heads back into Iran to confirm that reality for the umpteenth time, even as the EU ends the threat of oil sanctions against Iran, thus ending the threat of a war over the Straights of Hormuz, even as so many people struggle to pull back from the brink of a global war, there is still a push to attack Iran, starting a war Americans kids will be forced to complete.

So, fine; start a war with Iran and let American children fight in it.

Then let all the candidates for President of the USA tell us why they think our kids should be blown to bloody bits!

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opit said...

History forgotten to unreported

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