Friday, December 9, 2011

You Will Never Guess What Drunk Congressional Staffers Have Been Saying On Twitter When They Should Have Been Working

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Posted below are tweets from three staffers of U.S. Representative Rick Larsen. These staffers had designated this entire month as a "December to Remember" (also known as "D2R"). Essentially what they had planned to do was to spend the final month of the legislative session partying and getting as drunk as possible while on the job.

The tweets posted below were originally compiled by the NW Daily Marker. The following are 10 of the most outrageous tweets from the three congressional staffers....

#1 "My D2R team showed up this morning at 9:00am with shots of Jack. What a glorious and frightening way to kick off the month."

#2 "My coworker just took a shot of Jack crouching behind my desk. We have unabashedly given up on just about all things work related"

#3 "I'm pretty sure I couldn't pass a field sobriety test right now. Looking forward to a day in the office"

#4 "Obviously you can tell I've been drinking by my stellar spelling skillz"

#5 "were you just drinking jack and coffee during your meeting?"

#6 "Dear taxpayers - I hope you don't mind that I'm watching YouTube clips of Nirvana at my government job"

#7 "Congressional recess = time to watch Nirvana clips"

#8 "I really like DC, but I could have used another day away. The silver lining is that I don't have to see my idiot boss"

#9 "It was a nice touch when you referred to the boss as a pu$$y at the end of the day"

#10 "We're only drinking to cope with the fact that we work for such a selfish asshole. Trust me, you want no part of this."

You can find the rest of the tweets right here.

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