Friday, December 2, 2011

“We have no intention of acting for the moment…

The Gay Secretary

I don't believe this guy for one second, and neither should the rest of the world, nor the Iranian government, for that matter.

And please remember: Israel, which has nuclear weapons, will not, as Iran has done, sign the NNPT, nor will it allow inspections of its nuclear facilities. Therefore, every dime the US gives Israel in the billions of dollars of aid it sucks out of taxpayers every year is illegal under the Symington Amendment! Legislation introduced by Stuart Symington, a Democratic senator from Missouri, is passed by the US Congress to set out the US position on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons technology. The legislation, which becomes known as the “Symington amendment,” bans US assistance to any country found to be trafficking in nuclear enrichment or reprocessing technology that is not governed by international safeguards.

Therefore, I want all the money back from Israel which it has accepted, illegally, from the US since 1976, with interest!

And if we had a President with "male attributes", he (or even, she) would be saying right now is this: "Our position has not changed on three points: the existing Israeli nuclear weapons capability is unacceptable; we are determined to stop that, and all options are on the table."

Of course, THAT kind of statement will be spoken by an American President when pigs fly.

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