Monday, December 5, 2011

There is strong evidence in these current Republican primaries that VOTESCAM is alive and well

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The other side will gladly kick you in the balls if you let them, REMEMBER THAT!!

In 1992, the book "VOTESCAM: The Stealing of America", authored by Jim and Ken Collier (Ken is now deceased) - shockingly exposed the results of an investigation into the methodical rape of America's once free and honest election process.

Voter's News Service (VNS), a private corporation created and mutually owned by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and AP. (See the N.Y. Times, 2-29-96 headline -"3 Networks Admit Error in Arizona Race Reports)". Here's an excerpt:


* Peter Jennings on ABC news using alleged "entrance polls" from VNS, predicted Bob Dole the winner at 6:56 pm, 4 minutes before the caucus opened.

* Throughout the evening, reports showed a close race (Dole 26% -Buchanan 23%). At 10pm, AP and other sources announced that "the vote counting had been halted for the night".

* In Dubuque County citizen volunteers totaled 41 precinct results showing Buchanan with 860 votes, Dole 339 and less than 245 for each of the other candidates.

* As instructed by Iowa Republican Party Chair, Brian Kennedy... vote totals were called in to VNS - not to the Secretary of State, or the Board of Elections or the State Republican Party.

* The following day the DeMoines Register reported Buchanan had 757 votes - 13% less than the actual tally reported. (Lamar Alexander's count was bumped up 5%).

* Can we assume, if the one county being carefully watched was falsely reported, the same thing happened in all counties? Surely, a loss for Dole in Iowa would have spelled the end of his campaign. Did Buchanan win in Iowa?

End Excerpt.

Keep in mind that vote fraud can change the outcome by a few percentage points, but it cannot reverse a landslide. Even if you hear Ron Paul is doing well (and the media might announce that at the start to dissuade Ron Paul supporters from going to the polls) get out and vote. Ron Paul cannot just win Iowa, he needs a landslide to prevent the vote riggers from stealing his victory. This election is not a polite political exercise but a down-in-the-dirt bare knuckles fight, and the other side loves to play dirty.

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