Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Russia is the 600 pound gorilla on the Steinway right now

No one in the bowels of power in DC wants to talk about vis a vis either Syria or Iran.

Should the US, NATO and/or Israel intervene in Syria, as a back-door way of starting an invasion of Iran (because these two countries have a mutual defense pact), Russia may well intervene militarily on the part of both countries.

This conflict, with a nuclear-armed Russia, may well go far beyond regional, and literally exploding into a nuclear world war.

Is such a war worth it, and particularly from a standpoint of the American people?!?

I have to say, not at all. We would simply be attacking a country with no nuclear weapons whatsoever, simply because Israel has declared Iran to be its existential threat in the region, now that Iraq has been "neutralized", with American blood and American money.

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