Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The report of the Japanese sub was ignored and following the attack, the official story was that the Ward had "probably" sighted and shot a whale!?

The Gay Secretary

An hour before the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor, crew members of the USS Ward spotted and opened fire on one of the Japanese midget submarines attempting to infiltrate Pearl Harbor. The report of the Japanese sub was ignored and following the attack, the official story was that the Ward had "probably" sighted and shot a whale. The claimed sub was officially listed as unconfirmed until 2002 when oceanographers from the University of Hawaii succeeded in locating and photographing the remains of the submarine. This vindicates the crew of the USS Ward and underscores the fact that warnings were being blocked to make the attack look like a surprise.

Of the five Japanese Midget Submarines deployed in the attack, only four are accounted for.

The fifth submarine may have actually succeeded in its mission to infiltrate pearl harbor. Careful study of this photograph taken by the attacking Japanese shows several torpedo trails in the water, and at the head of one of them, what appears to be a conning tower poking out of the water.

happy pearl harbor cover up day

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Anonymous said...

Since you have posted info on the FDR conspiracy to force WW2 on Americans, here's another tid-bit I got from a radar operator speaking on what he experienced in reporting the incoming squadrons of Japanese zeros:
A note on the Pearl Harbor Conspiracy:
“ Sailor named George Elliott stated he and Joseph Lockard, were on observation duty from 4a.m. - 7 a.m. They were on a “training mission” in which he was plotter, and Lockard radar operator. “We picked up a very large blip which we had never seen before and proceeded to plot that flight in. It was then that I suggested that we send the information in to our information center. I called in and the switch-board operator told me that there was no one there at the information center. He was to have someone call back to our radar station. And that's when this LT. TYLER called back and told us, in essence, to forget it. We continued to monitor the flight until about 20 minutes of 8 a.m. When the flight seemed to disperse to the right and the left of the island.”

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