Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The following photos were released by the DoD and NATO over the last month

I suspect that the slaughter of this pregnant woman was no accident.

Notice her husband's title: he was a counter-narcotics chief who was conveniently detained for just the time it took to assassinate his wife, then released after the hit team had done its job.

One has to wonder: was this man doing his job perhaps too well, and was this a warning to him to back off?!?

Since the US/NATO invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, opium production has soared. After 10 years of US-led war in Afghanistan, the country remains the world’s leading opium supplier, responsible for 90 percent of the global supply, according to the United Nations.

And to those of you still in denial about US military involvement in the trafficking of drugs, perhaps you should see this!

The following photos were released by the DoD and NATO over the last month.

Notice that none of these soldiers appear to be involved in any kind of eradication efforts whatsoever.

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