Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dershowitz: Israel Has Legal Right to Attack Iran

The Gay Secretary

Memo to Dr. Alan Dershowitz: since its transformation in 1979 to an Islamic republic, Iran hasn't started a war with anyone. One certainly cannot say that about Israel.

The IAEA's most current inspection of the Iranian nuclear energy program have demonstrated, incontrovertibly, that absolutely no nuclear materials have gone missing. The alleged "smoking gun" is simply not there.

Alan, this country (of which I believe you are still a citizen), has been broken, economically and morally, with the current pre-emptive wars going horrendously badly.

The American people, having been fed the lies about Saddam Hussein having had WMDs to start the war against Iraq, are therefore sick and tired of the US military's being used to "neutralize" all of Israel's alleged existential threats in the Middle East, and that apparently means all of its neighbors.

We've had it, sir, and I would suggest that if Israel really wants to bomb Iran, that it does it without American help; because a nuclear-armed Russia just might come down militarily on the side of the Iranians. And, as logical humans understand clearly, a war with Russia is a really, really bad idea for the US to attempt to pursue.

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