Friday, December 2, 2011

A brief rundown on the strange story of Jamie Scott Enyart.

The Gay Secretary

Jamie Scott Enyart was taking pictures in the pantry when RFK was killed. His photos were seized by the LAPD. When Jamie Scott Enyart demanded the return of his film in order to sell what might be the only pictures of the actual assassination, the LAPD returned some of the negatives, but there was an obvious gap where the pictures of the actual shooting would have been. The LAPD claimed the negatives were "lost."

Then years later as a lawsuit over the loss nears court, the negatives turn up in the California State archives. A courier is dispatched to bring the negatives back to Jamie Scott Enyart, but amazingly, he stops at a service station, then goes to the restroom leaving the attache' case with the negatives in full view on the seat of the unlocked car. Courier comes back, negatives are gone, and the perpetrators of the RFK assassination can sleep soundly at night.

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