Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sadly, we are entering a very bloody time in the nation's history, with the government willing to spill the people's blood to protect the Street

American Scofflaw

Despite an iron-fisted shut down of overpasses to block protest signs, Asia has heard the people of the United States cry out that they will no longer pay for US Government mistakes or Wall Street's crimes.

As a result, Asia will buy no more US debt, and is openly worried about repayment of the debts they currently hold. Obama's insults to China show that he has thrown a tantrum, and desperate to borrow more money, he has to show the rest of the world that the people of the United States are chained down and unable to refuse to pay for the costs of Wall Street's Mortgage-backed Securities fraud, the biggest financial swindle in history, which is what has brought the global private banking network to the edge of collapse.

I expect the police will be given orders to really start beating up the protesters before more of the world's financial centers realize that the US Government cannot make good on its promise, made and demonstrated during the S&L Bailout of the 1980s, to always have the taxpayers cover Wall Street's losses.

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