Thursday, November 10, 2011

Please share this with everyone falling for the "Attack Iran" crap.

The Gay Secretary

So here we are again. Israel is desperate to get the invasion of Iran going right now, before the Americans get kicked out of Iraq and leave the road from Iran to Israel wide open for a retaliatory invasion. And once again the presstitutes of the US media are assuring us there is good reason to destroy Iran, just as they assured us there was good reason to destroy Iraq.

The IAEA report states clearly that they did not find any evidence that Iran has diverted fuel for their power station to weapons.

What the IAEA found is that Iran is testing explosives, which has non-nuclear military applications, and Iran is in possession of Krytron switches, which are used in may industrial applications including photocopier machines.

All the other claims in the report and secondary accusations stemming from the "Laptop of Death", a computer literally handed to the US by the MEK in 2004 containing all sorts of incriminating materials.

But there are many reasons to suspect this is another fraud like the forged "Yellow Cake" documents referred to be George W. Bush in his 2003 State of the Union speech. For one, many of the documents from the "Laptop of Death" are in English, a rather strange language to use on what are supposed to be top secret Iranian government documents. Second, while the IAEA was under Elbaradei, and much less politically driven, a request was made for the US to share the actual laptop and its contents with the IAEA for examination and verification. The US Government refused. The IAEA under Elbaradei refused to accept the word of the US Government that the laptop and its contents were genuine and the provided summaries accurate.

Now, of course, Elbaradei is gone and the IAEA under new leadership is considerably more pliant and agreeable to the pro-war agenda, as evidenced by their willingness to refer to the 2004 "Laptop of Death" without any proof that the contents actually came from Iran, or that the information provided by the US Government is an accurate portrayal of the contents. After the lies about Iraq, such gullibility is stupid and dangerous.

People not only is this not true, it isn't even what the IAEA report said.

Please share this with everyone falling for the
"Attack Iran" crap.

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