Monday, November 21, 2011

Is the U.S. goading China in the South China Sea dispute?

The Gay Secretary

Memo to President Obama; sir, you have domestic economy in ruins; infrastructure crumbling; homeless Veterans sleeping in our streets; and 32% of this country's children now live in poverty.
In 2010, the Census survey indicated that over 32 percent of children across the country were living in poverty, compared to nearly 31 percent in 2009, bringing the number of poverty-stricken US children to 15.7 million from the previously recorded 14.7 million, Reuters reported on Thursday.

When I supported you, marginally over John McCain in 08, I really thought you understood what the agenda was the American people wanted you to tackle. But the track that this country has taken under your watch, both domestically, and internationally, has been the same, if not worse, than what I would have expected from the McCain administration.

Wars have been expanded exponentially; extrajudicial assassinations, without any hint of due process, have been institutionalized; the alleged "transparency" you promised us has been just about as transparent as squid ink; and the incredible debt into which borrowing to support these wars grows every second, courtesy of compound interest.

The bottom line is, you haven't remedied any problem you faced when you took the Oath of Office; but you have managed to exacerbate all of those problems, by making some absolutely catastrophically bad decisions. You have nothing to run on but serial failures in foreign and domestic policy issues, so how are you trying to deflect the genuine - and well-deserved - anger of the American people?

By finding another war,ANY WAR, to stop Americans from thinking, "Is my life better than it was 4 years ago?!?" And sir, the answer to that question, on the part of all but the one percent in this country, is a big, fat, hairy, resounding "HELL, NO!!"

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