Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yes, Virginia, there really are conspiracies!

American Scofflaw

When discussing conspiracies like the JFK assassination, or 9-11, one of the most often arguments one hears from the protectors of the orthodoxy is that conspiracies large enough to assassinate a President or fake a terror attack at the World Trade Towers simply cannot exist.

There required size makes it impossible, or so goes the non-reasoning.
The players include the scientists given millions of dollars to provide fancy looking graphs that politicians like Al gore used to scare us all into agreeing to carbon taxes and a one-world government, officials in the US, the UK, and at the UN's IPCC, and financial players intending to reap rich rewards off of quite literally hot air, such as Goldman Sachs.

Climate scientists are to real environmentalists what tele-evangelists are to faith.

But the sheer scale of Climategate proves that vast conspiracies not only do happen, but are the normal course of events. For every one that stands exposed, such as this one, expect ten more not yet revealed.

Climategate proves that such vast conspiracies do exist!!

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