Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Britain to expel all Iranian diplomats or Are you recycling old Monty Python skits or something?

American Scofflaw

BRITAIN: "We are warning you to cease all development of nuclear weapons!

IRAN: "We aren't building nuclear weapons, We are building a power station."

BRITAIN: "This is your final warning to destroy your weapons of mass destruction!"

IRAN: "We don't HAVE weapons of mass destruction. We have electric lighting. See? Switch goes up, light goes on. Switch goes down, light goes off! We signed the NNPT and are allowed to have nuclear power stations. Actually, under Article IV, you're supposed to help us build them, remember?"

BRITAIN: "We are imposing harsh economic sanctions on you for your building of illegal nuclear weapons!"

IRAN: "Are you recycling old Monty Python skits or something? The IAEA has been all over us and didn't find anything! We don't build bombs, we don;t invade other nations. We mind our own business! If you want clandestine bomb factories, go down to Dimona!"

BRITAIN: "You leave us no choice; we are invading!"

IRAN: "what?!? You can't DO that! We haven't done anything wrong!

BRITAIN: "WE are allowed to invade anyone we think might not be happy with the idea that we can invade them any time we feel they are unhappy with the idea that we might invade at any time!"

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